LTT’S WOMAN IN BLACK WORKSHOP is unique in the West End being the only Workshop that actually takes place on the set of the production.

We hire the Fortune Theatre for your group only and the Workshop is led by an experienced actor and a technician with West End experience.

The workshop includes:

  • General introduction to the play
  • A practical interpretation of a short extract by volunteer students
  • Consideration of how atmosphere can be created using volunteer students
  • Reference to the set, lighting and sound effects

For Students studying the text the workshop provides excellent material for follow-up practical and written coursework.

But more than anything this unique Workshop provides an exciting and original experience as well as the opportunity to, ‘appear on the West End Stage’.


VENUE: Fortune Theatre, Covent Garden

LENGTH: 60 or 75 minutes (Depending on size of group)

LEADER: Professional actor and technician.


… unique on-stage workshop