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London Theatre Tours is the leading provider of unique London Theatre Experiences for both UK and International Schools and Colleges. For more than twenty years we have been the only London-based company specialising in educational tours that include hotels, theatre performances, Practical Workshops and a variety of other activities.

As we are based in London it means we actually meet and know the people we do daily business with. This familiarity has led to years of good practice and access to particularly good hotel rates and the best available theatre seats.

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Back in Business

It’s been a really long eighteen months !

But now London Theatres are open again for business and, of course, so is London Theatre Tours.

And LTT is bigger than ever – more hotels, more Workshops and more opportunities to explore and enjoy all that London has to offer.

While we were in lockdown the enquiries kept on coming. The most popular recurring conversation was about bringing groups to London during June, July and the Summer of 2022 -already expected to be a very busy time for London and its theatres.


But a group of young dancers took to the deserted streets and used music from The Greatest Showman to tell everyone


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