Dance with the cast

These Workshops are led by a member of the cast of your chosen West End musical and are held in the exciting environment of the famous Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden.

The aim of the Workshop is for groups to experience and enjoy the hard work that goes into the staging of a big West End Musical.

Workshops will vary but will usually:

  • Start with a short introduction to the show and the cast member leading the workshop
  • Continue with a physical warm-up similar to the one the cast will do prior to a performance
  • Concentrate on an extract from one of the routines in the show
  • Conclude with a short Q&A

Prior to the visit Group Leaders will be asked about the group’s experience of dance. These Workshops can then be tailored to be at an advanced level or educationally ‘just for fun’.


VENUE: Pineapple Studios

LENGTH: 60 minutes (Longer can be arranged for advanced groups)

LEADER: Cast member from the show

… led by a West End Cast member