This Royal Navy War Ship is now moored on the Thames and students can get an impression of what life on board was like.


As a 90 minute activity during which time they can explore:

• The Gun Turret Experience – Find out what it was like to be in the heart of battle, during the sinking of the Scharnhorst
• The Operations Room – Simulated radars, equipment lights and a touchscreen plotting table bring a naval operation
• The Arctic Mess Deck – Where men slept and spent their spare time during the Second World War Arctic Convoys
• Below the Water line – the Shell Room, Boiler Room and Engine Room
• Life at Sea and War and Peace exhibitions – Explore the history of HMS Belfast from launch in 1938 through the Second World War, Korean War, Cold War and becoming a museum in 1971


Sleep overnight on board HMS Belfast and experience life below deck in this adventure on the River Thames.
Kip in a Ship offers an exciting and affordable sleepover experience for schools or youth groups with children aged 7-18 in the heart of London.
Up to 52 children (26 boys and 26 girls for mixed-gender groups) can stay for up to three nights on board, immersing themselves in the ship’s history by sleeping in real sailors’ bunks. We can accommodate a maximum of six adults (at least one adult for every ten children) in two separate cabins.
Your visit includes breakfast and a morning learning session where children can discover the stories of the men who lived and worked on board this warship during D-Day and beyond